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New Clinton Green Bridge Opens

clinton tn new green bridge

The new Clinton TN “Green” Bridge opens. The replacement bridge was opened early Tuesday morning on October 12, 2021.

I am sure the locals will still call it the green bridge. The lamp posts and railings will be the same color as the old bridge.

The old bridge has so much history, many will be sad to see it go. Named after Judge Lewallen, this bridge is the center stone of Clinton, TN.

“The bridge today as we know as the Green Bridge was built in 1940,” Mayor Scott Burton said.

The bridge’s build type usually lasts for about 70 years, meaning it has given about 10 years more to the community than what can be expected, the mayor said.

The bridge has a lot of meaning to locals, and when they found out that it would have to be torn down, there was some frustration.

CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT) – A new way of traveling in and out of historic downtown Clinton is about to open up in a matter of weeks, as a new version of what locals refer to as the Green Bridge.

This will replace the 1940s version of the truss bridge built in honor of The Honorable William Everett LeWallen, a judge with Clinton community ties.

The new bridge will still honor the judge; but most locals know the bridge by its shorter name.

“Everybody says take a left, take a right on the Green Bridge,” said Anderson County Chamber of Commerce President Rick Meredith.

As for now, most of us will simply go across the river as the Clinton green bridge opens!

The history of the green bridge is here.

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